The sky never fails in surprising us, white fluffy dashes marching ahead in the vast infinite blues has an enticing magic that makes one to fly-high. Attuned to this, the ever-smarter thought of paragliding evolved universally. No other flying sport has got its coveted class and therefore frames this adventure’s obsession matchless.

Although, there are many paragliding hotspots in the country mightiest mountain range of Western Ghats has an exceptional charm as the site offers a flying over the lushly green backdrop. In spite of this Vagamon- Kerala’s proudest hill-top is considered to be one most-desirable location for paragliding activity. Moist weather and mild breeze of this land enhance splendid and safest gliding experience.

Every year, since 2006 Vagamon sky gets colorful with countless paragliding enthusiasts from all over the world to partake in International Paragliding Festival.

Beginner level paragliding enthusiasts prefer Tandem paragliding flights more. In tandem paragliding, a highly trained and experienced pilot accompanies a passenger. Tandem paragliders are designed for 1 pilot and 1 passenger. The pilot will do the flying, passengers just need to sit back and relax!!

Even though Vagamon has other areas of interests, Kolahalamedu hills have turned as a prominent hub for paragliding enthusiasts these days.

The actual feel of weightlessness, gushing with wind high in the sky and ultimately enchanting aerial views of the world beneath the sky are enough to settle down all the fears.

Tandem flying is actually an experience which will throw oneself beyond his boundaries.

Paragliding is that recreational sport that helps one to swim in the clouds, soar high with wind and ultimately freeing one’s inner soul to advance level of heights.


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