Tandem Flying @ ipfvagamon 17-18

Paragliding View Point, Vagamon

Paragliding is an adventurous sports activity which gifts one the feel of flying like a bird. Simply open the paragliding shade and inflate it over the head. Run a few steps ahead and in no time you are in the sky. Paraglider can be launched from steep hills or shallow slopes; it is small enough to carry as a backpack. Tandem paragliding is preferably for beginners. In tandem paragliding, a highly trained and experienced pilot accompanies the passenger. Tandem paragliders are designed for 1 pilot and 1 passenger. 

Experience the adventure of flying.
Rise above and fly high!

Terms & Notes
Term & Condition
Paragliding is a wind dependent sport and there’s a possibility of last-minute re-schedules or cancellations, which are beyond our control.

1. Minimum age to fly is 14 years, (with parents consent).
2. Maximum weight for Paragliding Students is 100 kg.
3. While in the venue, you agree to capture images and video recordings being taken for security or promotional purposes. This includes imagery of yourself and any other member of your group.
4. We shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery or performance of our obligations to you resulting from any act, events, omissions, failures or accidents that are outside of our control.
5. Organizer is not liable for any losses or damage to clothing, footwear or personal effects.
6. It shall be the responsibility of all participants to ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the activity.
7. All participants must have a basic athletic ability in order to participate.