Inaugural evening on January 20 was made exceptionally awesome with splendid performance of team, Karinthalakkoottam. The group was uniquely awesome in performing Kerala’s ritual art forms and folk songs at the event venue, Amphitheatre, Vagamon Adventure Park.

The word ‘Karinthala’ means generations in ‘Porulicha’ language spoken by the Pulaya community of Central Kerala. The soulful music and vibrant art forms performed at the evening had a strong historical sensation to the people gathered there.

All the performance clearly depicted the need of love and harmony for a better living. Many ritual art forms performed at the venue left everyone gasp in awe. The songs performed at the evening were directly conversing to one’s soul. Folk beats created a lively audience in full merry and joy. Regardless of the age, every one assembled were dancing and cheering with full heart.


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